What is the difference between surveillance HDD and normal HDD

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What is the difference between surveillance HDD and normal HDD? Surveillance is one of the segment where most of the time normal hard drives being used. However there are surveillance drives available with a little price difference, but performance is far better. … On the other hand, surveillance HDDs are built to record data 24×7 from multiple camera streams or channels.29 Jul 2016
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Seagate CCTV Hard Disk

Seagate Hard Disk
Seagate CCTV Hard Disk Seagate remains the top brand in internal, external and portable CCTV Hard Disk sales. The industry’s first surveillance-optimized hard drive platform with capacities up to 6TB improves video streaming, drive performance and data integrity in surveillance applications. • The seventh generation Seagate® surveillance drive is tuned for high write-cycle workloads typical in video surveillance storage systems. • The Surveillance HDD supports higher-resolution cameras and 8+1 drives per system, with up to 64 cameras per drive. • Reliably performs in multi-drive systems with support from RV sensors. • 24×7 operational capabilities while maintaining high MTBF of 1M hours. • Low power consumption options and current-limited startup support always-on surveillance systems. • Never miss a frame with quick time-to-ready. • Idle3 spin control features enable power-on in standby…
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