EZVIZ L2S Smart Fingerprint Lock

Protected access is now keyless and effortless

It’s time to say goodbye to heavy, dangling keys and bulky, rusty door locks because the L2S from EZVIZ is ready for your next front-door upgrade. The L2S makes your door easier, faster and safer, and protects your loved ones with a sturdy design and the security features that homes need.


More ways to unlock, easier to manage

The L2S is flexible. Use your fingerprint, enter the passcode, swipe a proximity card, or use the emergency mechanical key. Access is always easy to manage via the EZVIZ App1.


It’s useful when people visit

Visitors can ring the built-in doorbell to let you know they have arrived. When you’re not home but need someone to babysit your kids or feed your pet, you can create a temporary access code on your EZVIZ app to let them in only
during the permitted time period.