Dahua is focused on giving its most elevated quality items with the most recent advances to empower end clients to play out their business effectively. We are main authorized distributor in the Dubai and Sharjah. With around 11,000 representatives everywhere throughout the world, Dahua-Dubai arrangements, items, and administrations are utilized as a part of more than 160 nations and areas. Dahua has 35 auxiliaries all around covering Asia, the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, Africa, and so forth. With its reconnaissance arrangements, Dahua-Dubai conveys unparalleled quality, unwavering quality and steadiness.

Dahua Advanced security technology safeguards millions of premises across the world. Dahua CCTV helps to protect lives and property effectively and reduce operating expenses significantly. Dahua Security platform which offers a broader scale of security and a better watching of the key areas. With video analytics technology, the Dahua security solution enables easy detection of criminal behavior that reduces the risk of wrongdoings across your premises. Dahua CCTV is well suited for home, offices, factories, ATM, Traffic control, and warehouses. As a Dahua Distributor in Dubai, UAE, we offer complete support for our customers and partners.

It’s an extraordinary test to actualize appropriate security with the exact frameworks to get the ideal outcomes. Dahua CCTV provider in Dubai and Sharjah, we realize well what sort of surveillance cameras are best for your reconnaissance needs. Our Dahua CCTV arrangements promise you strong reconnaissance. From site survey to arranging and planning to establishment, we are the best to convey a class of answers for the businesses all things considered. We bargain incorporates the IP cameras, Analog Cameras, NVR and DVR.

Dahua IP Cameras

The IP cameras from Dahua can be best used for different indoor and open air surveillance. Its capacity to cover the more extensive territory is profoundly worthy to various long-go security applications. It is structured in a manner to be balanced naturally with different picture goals settings. High megapixel cameras with quality focal point ensure that the pictures or recordings caught are unmistakably and carefully open by the specialists. Enhanced with an assortment of capacities, the IP cameras from Dahua is unquestionably a specific decision that open ways to new surveillance.

Dahua PTZ Cameras

Dahua offers both network and HDCVI PTZ cameras. PTZ cameras use pan, tilt, and zoom functionality to provide both wide-area coverage and great detail. Specialized cameras, like positioning systems, anti-corrosion cameras, and explosion-proof cameras are also available for user special applications. Dahua PTZ cameras are widely used in different vertical industries, like transportation, government, city surveillance, etc.

Dahua Analog Cameras

Dahua Analog cameras  can be used for some open air and indoor surveillance. These Dahua simple cameras are intended to be totally utilized for complex applications and the different highlights make this item a reasonable item for some businesses.

Dahua Bullet Cameras

Dahua IR bullet cameras or Infrared bullet cameras are broadly utilized for the Indoor and open air video surveillance. By giving top notch clear pictures in different lighting conditions makes Dahua IR bullet cameras a promising item for the hardest condition applications. The models of this arrangement accompanies High goals and is worked with the highlights of Smart IR innovation and fluctuated central length focal points.

Dahua Dome Cameras

The Dahua Dome cameras are appropriate for the inward observation. As a result of its shape it very well may be well fitted to any sort of environmental factors and can be utilized for the conditions where they territory is exposed to vandalism. The models incorporate the Day and Night Vandal Proof IR Dome camera and HDIS Mini Dome Camera.

Dahua NVR

Dahua Network Video Recorder is an IP-based device used to record and play back the images/videos from the IP cameras. Since it is part of a network, NVR can be managed and accessed remotely over the internet. Simultaneous actions of recording and streaming is possible with the Network Video recorder. Dahua NVR comes in varied models and it includes the Ultra NVR, Pro NVR and Light NVR series. These series have different channel support NVRs which has the capacity to support multiple channels. The planning and deployment of the CCTV installation is purely in accord with the user specifications and the requirements. We believe that the prospective outcomes that the clients required is available with the Dahua NVR and IP cameras.

Dahua DVR

Dahua Digital Video recorder is combined with Analog cameras that convert the Analog signs to computerized signs to store and deal with the video. Dahua Digital Video Recorder is an ideal decision for the associations who have still he Analog Surveillance frameworks. It permits the clients to oversee recordings remotely.

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