Hikvision National Distributor

Hikvision National Distributor UAE Security has become a major concern for business now. Due to the increasing thefts and crimes, businesses force to protect its environment and its employees with the advanced security measures. Entrepreneurs now rely on advanced measures such as the CCTV surveillance to have a reliable security coverage. Besides providing security, it has the role as a productivity booster among the employees too. In many ways, CCTV security definitely is a perfect tool to monitor the activities happening around your business or homes.The portfolio of Hikvision camera systems include IP cameras and analog cameras. Hikvision IP cameras in UAE The Hikvision IP cameras are known for its advanced features and functionalities. Having the ability to deliver high quality images in varied weather and lighting conditions, these cameras…
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Hikvision UAE

[siteorigin_widget class="WP_Widget_Media_Image"][/siteorigin_widget] Hikvision UAE – Al Shiraa is an Authorized GOLD Distributor of Hikvision and channel partners in UAE. We supply Hikvison cameras to all resellers across U.A.E . We deal with all types of Hikvision Analog HD (AHD) and IP cameras. Alshiraa also stocks Hikvision DVRs and NVRs to support our resellers for immediate stock requirements. Hikvision AHD cameras in UAE, provides end customers the benefit of upgrading to High resolution cameras at half the cost of IP solution. In addition Hikvision AHD cameras in UAE can be installed using the existing coaxial cables, while upgrading and hence saves additional cabling costs. The high quality of the camera, high resolution imaging and affordable pricing makes Hikvision a brand of choice for customer and resellers in UAE. Hikvision cameras and…
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