Video Guard Service in UAE

Alshiraa Support and Configure the CCTV Video Guard Service in UAE, Its direct notification to SIRA clients and system maintenance companies. If any VSS faults is detected an alert is sent to user and service provider by email and SMS for immediate action.

Our Service Facilities:

  • Integration to Alarm System
  • High Security Standards
  • Easy Deployment
  • Data Leak Prevention and Data Encryption
  • Minimizing Chance of Network Disruption

Why video guard?

SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency) has begun to actualize this third activity called ‘Video Guard’, for the checking of surveillance cameras in structures in the event of any issues or dysfunctions. The new framework will educate the upkeep organization in the event of any issues and they can then promptly fix the issue. This program will ensure that all cameras are working appropriately and in the end fall some portion of the city-wide checking activity. The program was executed toward the start of this current year and it will in the long run spread surveillance cameras in most open structures and destinations, filling in as an undetectable security monitor, expanding both open and home security.

Video Guard frameworks are to be introduced in every Residential Building, Retail Buildings, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Financial Institutions, recreation and amusement parks, the producers and offers of every Precious Metal and Stones, Cinemas and Theaters, Import Complexes, Workers Housing, Art Galleries, Warehouses, Factories, Internet administration shops, Automatic Deposit and ATM’s… the rundown goes on! Video Guard will be an interracial piece of CCTV Surveillance establishment so as to acquire development, operational, and specialists’ endorsements crosswise over most establishments.

For any further clarifications or assistance with our Surveillance Systems requirements and approvals, feel free to contact.