Blazer Pro /128 (256) /16H

A powerful, convenient and fail-proof server for video management, business intelligence, and data storage.
Hikvision Blazer Pro is an all-in-one Recorder that combines Hikvision’s powerful video management system with data storage into one physical server unit. The Blazer Pro has what it takes to satisfy any requirement – from basic functions like recording, live view, playback, and alarm management, to optional advanced functions such as license plate recognition, people counting report. With our industry-leading double-board design and many advanced video footage and system safety technologies, the Blazer Pro meets the highest demands for features and reliability in critical installations.
With advanced and easy video management, the Blazer Pro is ideal for 128- to 256-channel, medium-sized projects, including shopping malls, buildings, casinos, etc.

High availability recording solution – Unique double boards design

Blazer Pro

• Double board design, risk isolation, more reliable

• Storage board works independently in case of VMS Server failure

• Recording and preview, playback not affected by  VMS server failure

Third Party VMS Server

• Single board design, when VMS fails:

Recording and play back will be not available;

Recording of VMS failure period will be lost.

Backup of recording of VIP camera from NVR/DVR

NVR/DVR can back up VIP camera channel recording in real time to Blazer Pro, so there will be 2 video footage of VIP cameras for safer recording.

Easy to deploy and maintain

Easy to Manage

• Ability to manage and co-work with your existing NVR/DVRs, to form a new system;

• Easily turn your current single client NVR/IPC solution to a multi user support and centralized monitoring system.

Easy and intuitive alarm management interface

• Alarm information, location, and relevant video in Alarm Center in 1 screen

• Search alarm information history conveniently in the same interface

Smart Functions


• Group management of entrance

• SMART search based on vehicle’s plate number

• Custom reporting of vehicle traffic at specified entrance